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Physical Development

This are of learning is divided into 2 areas:

  • Moving and Handling
  • Health and Self Care


At OEYC your child will be learning to:

  • Move in lots of different ways with enjoyment and confidence
  • Play with a variety of objects – learning how they move or “work”
  • Make marks on paper using paint (with fingers, hands, brushes, rollers, printer etc.), pens, chalk, pencil
  • Become independent with toileting and self-care when appropriate for them
  • Use scissors and other simple tools


How can parents and carers help?

  • All children need fresh air, exercise and a way of letting off steam. Try to provide opportunities for your child to run, jump, hop, roll, throw, hit, balance, lift, carry.
  • Visit playgrounds and make use of the apparatus regularly and watch them gain in confidence and control.
  • Try to walk to places, rather than always using the car or buggy.
  • Develop their fine motor skills and hand control. There are many muscles that need to be developed before your child will be able to control a pencil effectively.
  • Provide opportunities to paint, colour, scribble as well as draw. Try to work inside at a table and outside in the garden. Chalking on the pavement and a bucket of water with a large brush can provide hours of fun!
  • Roll, cut, squash, play with dough and plasticine.
  • Thread beads, build with construction sets, dress dolls – all of these help to develop their hand control.
  • Buy a pair of round-ended scissors and let them cut and stick paper and pictures from catalogues.
  • Find ways of fixing together two boxes when making a model, glue, sellotape, masking tape?
  • Try to let your child experiment and discover for themselves and then make suggestions and assist them.
  • Allow your child to undress and then dress themselves. Teach them how to put on their coat and velcro shoes.
  • Allow your child to make their own sandwich, help you prepare the dinner, set the table.
  • Talk about healthy foods whilst at shopping.
  • Opt for healthy fruits and snacks!