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Oxhey Early Years Centre

“Inspiring individuals to learn and thrive in a nurturing and welcoming environment”


Role of the Governing Body

  • It is accountable for the performance of the school
  • It helps shape the school’s future direction
  • It monitors and reviews the performance of the school
  • It makes decisions about the school’s budget and staffing
  • It makes sure the school provides for all it’s pupils, including those with special needs
  • It decides how the school can encourage pupil’s spiritual, moral and cultural development


The Governing Body consists of:

  • 5 Parent Governors
  • 2 Interim Headteachers
  • 3 Co-opted Governors
  • 2 Associate Members
  • 1 Local Authority Governor


The term of office is 4 years.

NameTerm FromTerm To  ResponsibilityPecuniary InterestsAttendance Rate 20/21
Matthew Brown04/11/2003/11/24Chair Co-opted Governor  9/10
Gemma Hall01/06/2131/05/2025Associate MemberSEN 1/1
Zara Khokhar10/10/2109/10/25Parent GovernorCurriculum  
Onaiza Khokhar10/10/2109/10/25Parent GovernorHealth & Safety  
Elica O'Shea10/10/2109/10/25Parent GovernorSafeguarding  
Rebecca Ellingham12/11/2011/11/24Parent GovernorSafeguarding 5/6
Ash Patil13/05/2112/05/25Co-opted GovernorFinance 2/2
James Roach29/04/2128/04/25Local Authority Governor  1/2
Gemma WilliamsonAssociate Headteacher  Interim Co-Head 6/6
Hayley YendellAssociate Headteacher  Intermi Co-Head  
Rebecca Harvey  Clerk to the Governing Body Employed by Governor Services10/10


No Governors have any links / relationships to staff or other Governors.