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Federation Proposal

The governing boards of OEYC, Heath Lane and Muriel Green propose the federation of their nursery schools from 19th April 2022. This is an important matter and before making a final decision, the governors of each school wish to seek the views of the children and their families, members of staff as well as stakeholders within the wider communities.

Under the Education Act 2002, schools and local authorities can propose that schools join together to create a federation. A federation is formed when two or more schools agree to work together on a formal basis, through a single governing board. Federated schools remain separate schools at their existing sites with their own budgets. They have separate Ofsted inspections and continue to report separate results.

This document sets out the reasons why the governing boards of each school believe this proposal is a good idea and the benefits for pupils, parents and staff. It also provides information about the vision that the federation has for its schools. 

Federation Proposal