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Early Reading

Supporting Early Reading

At Oxhey Early Years Centre we are committed to providing a home library of high-quality texts for children to ensure that all children who leave Oxhey Early Years have access to texts in their own home. We are passionate about igniting a love of reading in all our children. We know that reading is essential for success in all areas of the curriculum and that children who develop good early reading skills are far more likely to become successful, fluent readers who will succeed in all areas of future learning. Our ambition is for our children to become life-long readers who can access an amazing wealth of literature and have the opportunity to be successful in every phase of education and beyond.


What we do at the nursery to support the development of early reading:

Talk for Writing

All key groups focus on a story across a week (sometimes longer) so that they can fully understand the story. The sessions are carefully planned to ensure that children are introduced to vocabulary they will need to access the story, they hear the story, the discuss the structure and characters then they create a story map that enables them to retell the story. The story your child will be learning will be shared on Tapestry the Friday before to allow you time, if you choose, to read and explore the story together


Phonics Sessions

All children take part in phase 1 phonics sessions. These sessions support them in getting ready to tune into sounds at a later stage. The sessions focus on tuning into environmental sounds, distinguishing between different sounds and segmenting the sounds in words.


Staff Training

All staff are trained to seize opportunities to share, read and retell stories with children. They are aware of how to link phonics sessions to the early stages of reading, how to bring stories to life and how to use non-fiction texts and technology (such as iPads/tablets) to demonstrate that books and text can carry information.


What we offer to support parents with home reading opportunities:


Story of the Week

You will receive weekly updates on your child’s ‘Story of the Week’ through the Tapestry. This ensures that you know the story they are reading and the new vocabulary they are learning.


Parent Workshops

In the Spring Term we provide a phonics workshop on what phonics is; what we do to support children in school and suggest activities that you can do at home.