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Communication & Language

This area of learning is divided into 3 areas:

  • Listening and Attention
  • Understand
  • Speaking


At OEYC your child will be learning to:

  • Listen to stories and being to talk about them
  • Join in with singing songs and rhymes
  • Listen to instructions and follow them
  • Begin to respond to Who? What? Where? Questions
  • Begin to talk about why and how things happen
  • Move from using simple sentences to more complex sentences
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Talk about things that interest them
  • Talk about family and activities from home


How can parents and carers help?

Talking to your child, sharing experiences, remembering together, listening to them and encouraging through genuine questions. All of these do more to prepare them for future learning than any other activity.

  • Children who come to our Centre able to express their needs and willing to listen to others are much more likely to settle in quickly and absorb learning more readily.  Your child should learn to be a good listener, taking turns in a conversation, and not just a forceful talker.  We want them to be able to express themselves clearly and with confidence.
  • Join in with their imaginative play, ask questions, and get them to make decisions, have opinions.
  • The learning of nursery rhymes, songs and poems cannot be over emphasised and is an enjoyable and valuable activity.
  • The rhymes help them to notice the sounds in words and the tunes help them to remember the words.