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Aims & Vision

Our Aims

Through integrated provisions, services and partnership, we aim to:

  • Provide an environment that is stimulating, experiential, involving, safe, healthy and homely for our children and families; a place in which children and their families can learn through play in the most joyful way.
  • Identify, celebrate and promote the best integrated early years practice through continually researching, evaluating and reflecting; strengthening transitions and services within and out of the Centre to give our learners the best foundation for learning.
  • Commit ourselves to providing the highest quality learning environment which enables children to thrive and discover through interesting and motivating learning opportunities carefully planned, facilitated, scaffolded and responded to by practioners interacting and playing with them.
  • Listen and be open to the words and feelings of others.
  • Work together, recognising and respecting the value of everyone’s contribution; supporting everyone as an integral part of our team as we grow as a learning community.
  • Reach across the community for the better of our children and families; fulfilling the five outcomes for children.
  • Value, respect and involve all who are involved with our Centre and achieve the highest well being for all.
  • Continue to find ways to ensure more time for dialogue between all staff, teams , partners and families, giving time to express our views and ideas.
  • Make our ways of communication even better.
  • Endeavour to always work hard and to the best of our ability; to be open to change and continuous learning to build our skills, knowledge and understanding; gain specialist knowledge.
  • Create, in partnership, a community where every child 0-5 is safe, where no child is alone and no parent is isolated..
  • Signpost parents and children across the community and locality to receive the help they need.
  • Provide good quality early years experience throughout the community.
  • Encourage children to have a healthy start to life.
  • Promote and endorse strong connections between agencies for the good of the community.
  • Empower children and their families to be global citizens who value their world; making links with other communities, participating in ‘saving the environment’ and recycling kto support sustainability.

Our Vision

We will:

  • Be a welcoming and evolving place which celebrates our diverse community and seeks to be inclusive at all times.
  • Be committed to developing and improving through continual listening, reflection and discussion between all members of our Centre’s community.
  • Be devoted to children and their families and strive to offer the best and most fulfilling learning and nurturing environment in order to meet all their needs.
  • Ensure that learning at our Centre will take us on an evolving journey in which cohesion, continuity and flow in learning is celebrated and fully integrated.
  • Seek to gain an even better understanding and awareness of learning and child development in order to maximise the well being and involvement of our learning community.
  • Strive to be a place of excellence and enjoyment where our children learn through play in experiential, challenging and dynamic ways.
  • Create a vibrant, resourceful, supportive and effective place for our community to share; a place of trust and involvement at the heart of our community.