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The Festival Of Holi

Don Rae came to our centre to tell the children about the Festival of Holi, through music and Dance.

The emphasis for this activity was colour and new life.

Firstly they all got on a plane to India, and when they arrived they rode on an elephant and saw crocodiles.

Using their fingers in the air they painted a tiger, talking about the different colours. Then they used their feet to paint the head of the tiger. Their noses were the black paint for the stripes.

One child was chosen to be the king Pralad and all the others were elephants and snakes. When Pralad put his hands in the air all the animals were frightened and had to leave. The children were then bees and then flames.

All the children were given scarves to make flames and they danced around the room to some Bollywood music. He chose a few girls to wear bangles on their wrists and encouraged them to shake them and listen to the sound.

The children then got back on the imaginary plane and back to England.

Don then recalled the story with the children.












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