Oxhey Early Years Centre

Eastbury Road, Watford, Herts, WD19 4RL
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Head of Centre: Mrs Rachel Fagan

The Chicks Came To Our Centre

"If you turn the light off it makes them sad. I know how you hold a chick. It feels good." "Soft! The incubator keeps them warm." "I think she said she needs a drink. He's funny, he's flappy and he's sitting on there."

"It feels fluffy and soft." "It's a girl cos it's got brown." "He's waiting for his food."
"The girl one is fluffy." "They're mummy!"

"It's a girl cos it's brown. Wings are fluffy and got feathers."

"I'm stroking her. One of them just stepped in their food."   "They cracked out of the egg"
"They drink water. They like being together. She had sharp claws but I liked holding chicks.There's only one mummy and one daddy in the field." "We need to be quiet cos they're sleeping. That one is male, that one is female, cos that one is brown and that one is yellow" "What are you doing", he asked the chicks. "Maybe they are eating corn. It tickles. They don't speak like us."
  "I hear their cheeping and they're very big. I think that's a girl. They're trying to fly." "They were in an egg! Be careful they won't peck your finger."
"Put newspaper on so they don't get any germs. It's soft." "They peck their shell to get out. They're fluffy."  

"He stepped in his food. I'm a bit scared though, I think they have sharp toes. They're fluffy and one did an ice cream poo!"    










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