Oxhey Early Years Centre

Eastbury Road, Watford, Herts, WD19 4RL
Tel: 01923 330300        Fax: 01923 330301
Email: pa@oeyc.herts.sch.uk

Head of Centre: Mrs Rachel Fagan

Around the Centre

We used Autumnal coloured wool, fabric and string to create our indoor ‘Autumn Tree’ using real branches!

This is a large canvas that a group  of our 3 and 4 year olds painted with help from our practitioner / artist.
They chose the colours to match the cushions in the library area outside our Orange Room.
Our Business Manager commissioned the children to make her a picture for her new office - this is what they made! We take any offers for more commissions!

The children helped to make a miniature world for their ‘small world’ fairy characters with the help from one of our practitioners who was inspired by a training session on involvement in children’s play.                    

Some parents kindly donated tyres which were used to make a pretend BBQ and other objects for the our imaginative area called ‘Rain Drop House’.

Curtains were made for the windows and a garden was created.

We use small, natural topical objects in our sorting trays
We’ve made a shelter for our bikes and its like a mini garage where we can fill up with fuel! This sign is up in our ‘Fairy Tree’ which helps stimulate children’s imaginations.

We have lots of themes and topics which help us learn – like learning all about sunflowers!                      



Ofsted Outstanding 2011/12 - Daycare Ofsted Outstanding 2012/2013 - Nursery