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Learning at Home

12th March 2018

ENJOY LOOKING at the gifts sent from Bookstart and READ the book together. Log onto www.worldbookday.com for some great activities

PRACTISE COUNTING – 1:1 – 10. Re-arrange 10 items and help children realise that the total is the same.  PRACTISE using the fingers on both hands to show that 8 fingers could be 4 on one hand and 4 on the other or 3 on one hand and 5 on the other.If you would like to bring in your pet to show the children next week and you think your pet would be happy to meet the children, please speak to a member of staff in your child’ room.

RECALL the stories of the ‘Tiger who Came to Tea’ or ‘Brown, Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? If you haven’t got the books look up on youtube for versions of this story.


READ this week’s rhyme

Tiger, tiger, orange and black,

He is somewhere about, So you better watch out!

Tiger, tiger, orange and black,

There on the ground. I can see his tracks.

So tiger, tiger, orange and black, I am going home –

Before he jumps on my back! Roar!!!