Oxhey Early Years Centre

Eastbury Road, Watford, Herts, WD19 4RL
Tel: 01923 330300        Fax: 01923 330301
Email: pa@oeyc.herts.sch.uk

Head of Centre: Mrs Rachel Fagan

Daycare and Nursery

We provide ‘Outstanding’ Daycare all year round to meet your needs from under £300 per week.

Are you or a friend hoping to start a young child aged 2, 3 or 4 years old for all year round or term time LONGER SESSIONS (eg 8-6 / 8-4 / 8-1 / 1-6 / 9-4 /9-6)?
If they aren’t already in our Centre, then now is the time to apply!

Tours of the Centre are available every week during term time – book in advance by calling 01923 330300 option 1.


We are delighted to welcome children and their families to join us and become a part of our community.

We are an 80 place Nursery School with the capacity to take additional children who qualify for the 15 hours Free Place Scheme. The Nursery School places are offered according to the Nursery School Admissions Policy which means that children who live nearest to the centre are offered places as a priority. Other applications for the 15 hours Free Place Scheme are allocated according to our Daycare Admissions Policy. The admissions policies can be downloaded from the Admissions tab on the main menu on the left hand side.

3 and 4 year olds receiving 15 free hours are integrated in our Blue and Purple Rooms.

Children who attend for full day sessions usually have our Purple Room as their base room.

Afternoon sessions in this room are organised differently from the morning to allow the children a variety in their day.

The youngest children (from 22 months) are in the Orange Room. Some children in the Orange Room may become entitled to the 15 hours free entitlement during the year.

We also run our 'Time For Twos' sessions in the Rainbow Room in conjunction with Sunshine Children's Centre on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings.

Play, learning and teaching, all activities, experiences and routines are planned to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage in all rooms.

Please use the Sessions for Children tab on the top of the page to find out about the sessions on offer. Read about our Centre's values and ethos under Aims, Vision and Rainbow Rules.


Ofsted Outstanding 2011/12 - Daycare Ofsted Outstanding 2012/2013 - Nursery