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Parents’ Feedback

Every year we get lots of positive feedback from parents, colleagues and visitors. Here is just a small selection of comments:

“thank you for your love and support for S. He will miss you dearly. He loved being around you and you brought out the best in him.”

Message to Orange Room Key Person from parents December 2016

“We just wanted to say “thank you” for caring for S whilst she was at OEYC. She loved her time with you and frequently spoke about different staff members and the friends that she made.”

Parent in Orange Room June 2017

“OEYC is a wonderful place with amazing staff. We couldn’t have hoped for a better place to prepare A for School”

Parent who experienced both day care and school July 2016

“Really rich learning environment. Great to see the learning tools and toys develop and change through the seasons and the variety of play options available to stimulate development”

Parent July 2017