Oxhey Early Years Centre

Eastbury Road, Watford, Herts, WD19 4RL
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Head of Centre: Mrs Rachel Fagan

What you say about us......

Things our families have said:

"I wanted to express just how impressed and grateful my husband and I have been by the care and support taken to settle my son into his place at nursery.

He is settling more each week and when he presents with challenging behaviours. I believe the team challenge him effectively and are sensitive to the issue when raising it with me - offering advice and ways we can
work together on the issues. This approach has been very reassuring for me as a parent and has made me feel able to approach the team regarding issues with my child.

Further to this. anything raised is followed up and never forgotten, even mentioning in conversation that my son is not sure about us moving house was met with ‘we will work with him here about moving house!’

There just seems to be a proactive, flexible and positive approach to supporting the child as a whole. As a parent I am so pleased this is the introduction to education that my son is receiving.

Please pass on my appreciation to the team."

(October 2012)


"My son's key person was lovely, always friendly. My son liked her and I think it is comfort to a child to know that there is a particular person they can go to."

"I have a very good relationship with my child's key person and I feel I am able to approach them at any time necessary. I am always accommodated when I am unable to come to a parents consultation."

"I think my child's keyworkers have always been fantastic at taking on any concerns I have had. I cannot fault them (or any staff in the Orange Room)."

"Both my daughters have really enjoyed their time at Oxhey Early Years Centre. They have made lots of friends and developed a wide vocabulary, learnt new skills all to prepare them for infants school."

"It has been a blessing to know that my son was in caring, concerned hands, even on days when he wasn't keen to come at first. He always came home happy and him being there enabled me to start my PhD, attend classes and to spend quality time with his baby brother."


"There is always such a sense of celebration and it's so vibrant here... Your displays represent the children's learning journey - the process is captured and it's child-centred.

The rooms are always child-centred. The Underwater World Room and Forest Room capture the excitement for the children's benefit, it's always magical.

Your team make the effort to make the place so exciting, so that the children have memorable experiences. This is what sets you apart and makes you Oustanding.

The children live a memorable day, day in day out. I always get that here."


Things our children have said:

When I asked my child tell me about Nursery he said "I don't want to leave." I think that says it all!

"I have a lovely time."

"It's fun!"

Comments from guests and visitors:

"You have a wonderful environment.... I thought the outside provision was stunning and offered a wide variety of experiences for the children - they couldn't wait to go out there yesterday! It is my pleasure to have worked here."

"Children's skills in number are very high because of what you do here..... I could hear wonderful conversations around the room where lots of learning was going on."

"I wish my grandchild could come here."

"It is magical."

"When I visited OEYC for the first time, it was a cold November afternoon. Some of the youngest children were waking from their nap and were busy cleaning their teeth. Others were engaged in creative projects... Adults were working with children in a warm atmosphere. One child was celebrating her birthday and a feeling of being a loving family pervaded."


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Comment from Helen Walsh - Sunshine Childrens Centre Manager

I would like to mention something I witnessed recently: 

It was teatime/collection time for the children at the end of the day. One of the practitioners called Annie brought one little boy out to meet his grandad who had arrived to collect him.  Almost without warning the small child began being sick. I witnessed her being so kind to him.  She stayed with him in the bathroom the whole time, reassuring him and rubbing his back. He was really being continuously sick, all over the floor, his clothes and shoes and the practitioner wasn't at all phased!  She asked me to get some water and then cleaned and changed the little boy all the time talking to him and reassuring him. 

It was so lovely to witness and I felt very proud of her care and attention towards the little boy and his sister and grandad who had come to collect him. I am sure that you see this all the time from your lovely practitioners but it was a pleasure to see.


Comment from Sarah, Parent and Governor 2010-2013

"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the governance of the school and I learned a great deal from the experience. OEYC has had a tremendous and highly positive impact on my children and our family, enabling us, encouraging the boys and building them into solid little individuals ready to take on reception.

The staff are amazing, and I'm so grateful we joined the school."


Would you like to add you comments or come for a visit? Why not email us and let us know! pa@oeyc.herts.sch.uk


Ofsted Outstanding 2011/12 - Daycare Ofsted Outstanding 2012/2013 - Nursery